At Lakeside Place we are pet friendly, but we need to discuss the type of pet you have and approve that pet to be housed in your unit. It is imperative that if the pet is an approved dog, that the pet owner must clean up after their pet each and every time. Failure to follow this practice will result with Management having to ask the pet to be removed. Here are the basic rules for a pet:

  • A $200 Pet Deposit is required for ALL pets, and is refunded assuming no pet related damage to the unit.
  • $45/month for a cat, and $60/month for a dog.
  • Only one dog or one cat is permitted to be housed in a unit.
  • Dogs over 25 lbs. are not permitted to be housed in a 2 nd floor unit.
  • A dog cannot bark excessively and disturb neighbors.
  • A dog cannot be aggressive towards neighbors and guests of the property.
  • Dog owners must clean up after their dog each and every time.
  • All pet owners are responsible for the cost to repair any pet related damage to a unit.